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Mosi Dorbayani' S Profile

Dr. Mosi Dorbayani


















Nationality: Canadian


Occupation(s): Entrepreneur, Executive Adviser, Consultant, Counsellor, Jurist, Professor, Author, Songwriter.


Years active: 1992-present.


Alma Mater: Harvard University, Aston University

University of Sunderland, University of Salford,  

University of Wolverhampton, NOVA University of Lisbon 

Discipline: Social Sciences, Humanities, Jurisprudence, Health/Medical Psychology, Practice as Research.  


Sub-discipline: Socio-economics; Management; Cultural Diplomacy, Law and Public Policy, Mental Health, Arts.


Affiliation: International Bar Association (IBA); The Academic Council on The United Nations System (ACUNS).

Faculty: University Canada West (UCW).

Publisher(s): Powell’s Books, Chapters, Indigo, Barnes & Noble, WAALM Publications, Orenda Publications, JOISS Research Peer Reviewed Journal. 


Book Genre: Strategy & Operations, Leadership, Management, Human Resources, Economics, Diplomacy, Law, Ethnomusicology, Short Stories.

Record Publisher / Label: Audio & Video Labs Inc. / WAALM Productions.

Music Genre: RnB, Neo-classical, Jazz, Soul, Pop, Soft Rock, Funk, Flamenco, Electro.




Social Media: 


Verified Artist Pages: Spotify , YouTube

Mosi Dorbayani - Profile Image
Mosi Dorbayani, Executive Consultant.jpg

Mosi Dorbayani, is a Canadian entrepreneur, executive adviser and consultant in international management and strategic leadership. He is a noted scholar, an award-winning author and songwriter. As a goodwill Ambassador to several UN affiliated organizations, he advocates for Universal Declaration of Human Rights Education (UDHR), and stands for cultural diplomacy. He is an expert member of The Academic Council on The United Nations System - ACUNS, a member of International Bar Association - IBA, and is the recipient of 2010 Human Rights Hero Awards, conferred by UHR at the United Nations in Geneva











Entrepreneurial Practices:

He founded International Further Studies Institute – IFSI Ltd. – his first consulting company in 1992. After just four years, the company expanded its activities to Hungary - European Union, and the United Kingdom. By 1999 the Hungarian headquarters grow up to five consultative and educational departments with over 200 staff from 20 nationalities – providing various strategic business consulting, research, think-tang and tertiary education services to both private and governmental sectors. World-class organizations such as KPMG; ThyssenKrupp; Sony-Ericson; MKB Bank; and BNP Paribas were among its major commercial clients. Additionally, his institute served a number of governmental offices, including Hungarian Parliament, Kecskemet and Budapest Mayor offices, Bács-Kiskun County Council  for the EU, as well as a few Chambers of Commence and Industries in Central Europe.


IFSI also facilitated the expansion of British higher education and skill-based qualifications in Central Europe and became a hub for institutions such as University of London, City and Guild of London Institute, and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board.    


Due to his passion for arts, under his leadership, in 2005 IFSI formed a new division, The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media – WAALM, to formally recognize and support artists, writers, and the creative industries around the world. Later in 2008, WAALM became an independent registered non-profit organization in the UK, which eventually it became one of the major non-profit awarding bodies in the world.

In 2005, he stepped down as the IFSI’s CEO in favor of his wife, to fully focus on WAALM, but continued his role as the IFSI’s President until 2008, when the firm stopped trading in Central Europe to focus more on ventures in the UK and North America. 

The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media – WAALM became an independent, registered non-profit organization in England and Wales in 2008, with a mandate to support, develop, and promote the dramatic and fine arts, music, creative writing and poetry, as well as professional journalism and media productions. WAALM regularly identifies and rewards excellence, and benefits the public by means of artistic productions and awarding events through which, the public gets the opportunity to learn more about cross-cultural activities through media and events. In 2011 WAALM got nominated for a Noble Peace Prize  [1] [2]  for its role in promoting ‘cultural diplomacy’, encouraging the use of soft Power instead of hard power / war, and for its humanitarian and educational efforts to promote peace and understanding through its ‘School of Cultural Diplomacy (SCD)' and its ‘empowering conference’ series for less privileged countries including Africa. As a non-profit and secular organization, WAALM continue to stand for cultural diplomacy, and it promotes cross-cultural activities, conferences and humanitarian efforts from Canada. 


In 2016 Mosi established Orenda Enterprises Inc., an executive consulting company in Vancouver, British Columbia. It provides strategic management, leadership, HR, and business coaching and consultation services. It emphasizes on organizational strategies, talent / personnel development, operations enhancement, and business management publications.


Executive Consulting:

For the past three decades, Mosi's passion for ‘personnel development’ has enhanced many organizations, practitioners and trainees, and provided them with practical insights to face challenges of their constantly changing environment.  His executive experience, leading and working with staff from twenty nationalities have equipped him with a global strategic understanding on the importance of cultural diversity and human capital. In his capacity as an executive consultant and coach to many entities, he managed and delivered numerus complex projects – including ‘Iron Made in Management (IMM)', which he developed and delivered to ThyssenKrupp, a German multinational conglomerate with focus on industrial engineering. In this capacity, he also provided talent development strategies, coaching and personnel development curriculum to several major firms including, Metsä Group, CEMEX, Astor Hotels-UK, Blaupunkt, Pioneer, MetsaSerla, and financial institutions such as BNP Paribas.



Development of Coadunate Economic Model:

As an Economist, educated at Harvard University, Mosi Dorbayani is the developer, and practitioner of ‘Coadunate Economic Model’ for Socioeconomic impact. “It is a unique strategic concept and practice that catalyzes Business Economics, Talent Management, Cross-cultures (arts & creative industry) and Philanthropy to impact Socioeconomic in an emerging multi-polar world.”

According to Mosi: "from economics point of view, cultural sector is already a dynamic factor of economic activities and employment – especially in North America and Europe. Cultural activities often facilitate promotion of social inclusion, diversity and contribute to the reduction of physical and mental poverty. Creative entrepreneurs, artists, writers, performers and vibrant cultural industries are unique sources of innovation for the future sustainability. This potential should be recognized even further, and fully explored by both cultural practitioners and government agencies.  


Utilizing the full potential of culture can help build a more inclusive and fairer world, in which, innovation, creativity, sustainability and growth could be realized for all. Culture promotes active citizenship and intercultural dialogue within a nation and across the globe. It can empower people and facilitate social cohesion. It brings people and communities closer together, includes refugees and other migrants, and helps people feel related. Culture and creative industry have the power to improve lives, transform communities, generate jobs and growth, and influence other sectors of economy."  - Cultural Diplomacy, the book



Selected Research:


The following three peer reviewed studies are among Mosi’s recent and widely read research papers. For more papers on Peer Reviewed Journal, visit JOISS Research.





Mosi is an advocate for ‘Cultural Diplomacy’. According to him: "Culture is a genuine example of "soft power", generated from norms and values such as human dignity, solidarity, tolerance, freedom of expression, respect for diversity, intercultural dialogue and values, which if upheld well, can be beneficial for humanity.  Even from political point of view, there is a growing acknowledgement that culture is an indispensable force to achieve strategic objectives of prosperity, solidarity and security. The soft power of culture has the potential to reshape global diplomacy. We all experienced it repeatedly that there is no military solution – dialogue and diplomacy are the only guarantee of lasting peace."

Japan's Influence: 

Mosi’s practices and way of life are highly influenced by Japanese culture, Japanese management, and Japanese classical martial arts, including the Japanese warrior code of honor (Bushido 武士道). He started his Entrepreneurship at the age of 23; however, his martial arts training, goes way back to 1976, when he was 7 years old – a 45-year journey that still continues. The Japanese culture, attitude, mannerism, philosophy – combined with Japanese Ancient Warrior Code of Honor - Bushido 武士道), heavily influenced the way he perceives the world and his surroundings. 

Studying Japanese Management at Waseda University, joining two of Japan’s oldest Samurai Military Schools: ‘Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto-ryu 天真正伝香取神道流’ [700 years old] and ‘Komagawa Kaishin-ryu 駒川改心流' [500 years old] equipped him with unique ‘strategic thinking’ to quality leadership, organizational improvement and talent development in the West, and to polish his own leadership and entrepreneurial skills along the way. The Japanese concept of ‘Bun Bu Ryo Do 文武両道’ - excelling at both the paths of ‘military arts’ and that of ‘literary arts’, fascinated him to have his hands in both leadership strategy, as well as arts and cross-cultures, and to bring culture, song writing and music in particular, closer to business. This not only enriched his own practices, but also benefited his clients and community.

Martial Arts:

Mosi is known as one of the major martial scientists outside Japan. He started martial arts by learning Chines ‘Gong Fu 功夫-中國武術’ in 1976, and then Japanese ‘Karate 空手’ in 1977 in style of ‘Kanzen-ryu, which is a Shorinji-ryu branch 少林寺流拳行館唐手. He attained his black belt in 1983, his 2nd Dan (degree) in 1985, and three years after in 1988 he moved to style of ‘Shito-ryu 糸東流’ and followed his practice first by joining ‘Kenshikan Shito-ryu Kenpo Karate 字面意思就是空手’ (Kusano ha Shito-ryu), and then at ‘Shitokai 糸東会 (An association founded by late: Manzo Iwata Sensei).


He continued his practice in Shito-ryu and received his 6th Dan and ‘Renshi’ (Instructor) license from Shitokai and National Hungarian Karate Federation (a member of World Karate Federation- WKF) and received his 7th Dan and ‘Shihan’ (Master Instructor) title from the same, and the International Society of Okinawan-Japanese Karate. 

In addition to Karate, he also holds 6th Dan in ‘Ryukyu Kobujutsu 琉球古武術’ (Okinawan Weaponry Arts) and is certified in several ‘Ko-ryu 古流 (Japanese Traditional/Classical) styles, including ‘Aiki-Jujutsu 合気柔術’ and ‘Tai-Jutsu 体術’.


His passion for martial science, battlefield strategies, and martial history of Ko-ryu Bujutsu (Classical / Ancient Martial Skills) has led him to become an avid practitioner of ‘Kenjutsu 剣術 (Samurai Art of Swordsmanship), and to follow ‘Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto-ryu 天真正伝香取神道流’ and ‘Komagawa Kaishin-ryu 駒川改心流’.

Earlier Martial Sport Practices:

During his martial sport competing years (from late 1980s to early 2000s), he achieved over 120 medals at national and international competitions in both ‘Kata 形‘(Form) and ‘Kumite 組手‘ (Sparring) in Team and Individual categories – 86 of which were gold. In 1995 he was the first ever founder, manager and technical director for professionally paid International British College Karate Team, sponsored by The Abbey College-UK.

In 1996 he became a certified WKF regulated Judge and Referee in Kata and Kumite and was invited to act as the head-referee to several European and Scandinavian Karate and Kobudo Championships in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and Hungary. Mosi is a three-time recipient of Mayor's Award for best coach and instructor in Hungary, which marks his trainees’ success in achieving many European and World Cup Championships in Kata, Kumite and Kobudo. From 1996 to 2003 he was the Chief Instructor of Shitokai in Hungary - European Union. From 1998 to 2007 he also served as a member of 'Technical Committee for National Hungarian Karate Federation and Martial Arts Technical Collage'.                                             


He also served as Technical Adviser to ‘World Martial Arts and Martial Sport Confederation’ of Denmark between 1999 and 2001. He was also among the official delegates representing Central Europe at the Karate for Olympics campaign and performed at World Budo Gala in Copenhagen in early 2000s. Additionally, he represented ‘The British All Styles Karate Association’ in Central Europe from 1996 to 2000, and conducted many technical exchange programs across various styles in the region.

Establishing His Own Martial Arts Organization:

He established his own association in 1997 and after years of research on Koryu Bujutsu, in January 2004 his request to establish his own system was granted and he named his style ‘Kojido Todi-Jutsu 固持道唐手術- The Way of Persistence in Unarmed Martial Arts’ and formed 'The Academy of Scientific Martial Arts' as a division to Kojido's organization, inviting instructors to provide education on Science of Martial Anatomy, Martial Physiology, Martial Philosophy as well as Japanese-Okinawan Culture and Languages.

Eventually, his organization evolved toSogo Bujutsu Heiho 総合武術兵法 - Integral Martial Arts  Strategies’ and it is now one of the comprehensive martial art military schools known as 'Kojido Sogo Bujutsu Heiho 固持道総合武術兵法’, with training halls and study groups in Europe and North America.


In his martial arts organizational book (Kojido Sogo Bujutsu), he gives a comprehensive account on why he created his own organization, and shares his path and strategic thinking behind its formation. Mosi is also the author of Hidden: A Series of Scientific Articles on Secret Techniques and Tactics of Japanese-Okinawan Martial Arts’, which became Amazon best selling book in its category. Due to its valuable scientific content, a copy of ‘Hidden’ is archived at National Diet Library, in Tokyo; Bodleian Library in Oxford, one of the oldest libraries in Europe, as well as Martial Arts Museum in Hawaii and Karate Museum in Okinawa.

Pop Culture and Appearance in Comic Books: 

Mosi appeared as ‘Gunshi’, a leading character in the martial arts comic book series titled ‘The Legend of Hidden Scroll, Vol. 1 and its Vol.2 The Fall of a Warrior, developed by Jay Holdings. The story is a blend of technical facts, fiction and myth, which takes place somewhere in Kyoto, Japan.  ‘Gunshi’ and two of his senior students ‘Sia’ and ‘Tibi’ are protecting a hidden scroll – containing secret martial strategies of their school from a shape-shifter dragon, who attempts to steal it. Both volumes also provide wisdom and word of advice, and highlights qualities such as dignity, integrity, and tolerance.  

Bibliography and Publications:

Mosi is the author of 17 professional books, strategic briefings, and numerus articles.


Law and Cultural Diplomacy

ISBN: 1777072077


Cultural Diplomacy: The Role of Music and Creative Industry in Establishing Dialogue and Understanding for Social Impact

ISBN: 1777072050


Talen-Based Economy 

ISBN: 978-1777072049


Principles of Business Moderation

Vol. 2. Briefing 201

ASIN: B08571K1MV

Understanding Contract Law

Vol. 2. Briefing 202

ISBN: 978-1-7770720-2-5

Personnel / Talent Development Strategies

Vol. 1. Briefings 101 & 102

ASIN: B0839P8WP8

Effective Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

ISBN-13: 978-1777072001

ASIN: 177707200X

Business Samurai: Skills and Strategies for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

ISBNs: 10:1543001904; 13: 978-1543001907; 978-0-9940842-3-1

Cultural Diplomacy: No Bullet, No Blood

ISBN: 978-0-9940842-8-6

Think About It!

ISBN: 978-0-9940842-2-4

The Role of Music in Social Behavior


Message Song: Delivering Important & Powerful Messages Through Lyrics and Music




Kojido: The Way of Persistence

ISBN: 978-0-9940842-1-7

Successful Leadership

ISBN: 963 204 821

Successful Business Organization

ISBN: 963 210 234 7

Successful Management

ISBN: 963 210 233 9

Concise Economics

ISBN: 963 212 093 0

Concise HR and Personnel

ISBN: 963 212 096 5

Moderation Management Enlightened with Philosophy

ISBN: 963 210 699 7

Other Publications: 

Mosi independently Published 'Soulful Serenade', his first short story book under pseudonym, Sean Sweven, in December 2019. This is a debut collection of twelve inspiring short stories.


After his successful publications in series of professional subjects and ethnomusicology , he chose short stories and fictional novels for his next books. Sweven ’s debut into short stories already garnered acclaim amongst critics and readers.  

Mosi’s intention for writing as Sean Sweven is for the books to be judged on their own merit, and to establish Sean Sweven as a well-regarded name in short stories and novels in his own right. Mosi continues to write short stories and novels under the Sean Sweven pseudonym to keep the distinction from his other writing, so people will know what to expect from Sean. 

Song Writing:

Mosi is a noted Canadian songwriter, with a roster of artists from over thirty countries, spanning five continents. He is a member of SOCAN and ASCAP, and a recipients of multiple music awards. His songs are recorded and published by both signed and indie artists, and are regularly played on air by most prominent radio stations around the world. His songs also include a few for the United Nations' international days, honoring and celebrating special commemorations around worldwide. Thus far, he has published over 90 original songs, and scored over 80 instrumental tracks and symphonic orchestras. While majority of his songs are written in RnB, he has songs in almost every genre. His instrumental scores are mostly in New Age, Neo-classical, and Cross-over and Flamenco genres with several tracks arranged for Symphonic and Chamber Orchestra.


Written and Published Songs Performed by International Vocal Artists:






























































































Scored and Published Instrumental Albums/EPs/Singles:

Humming Heart: The Vancouver Suite – Full Album 10 Tracks (2020):

  1. Confession of Love (aka Georgia St.)

  2. Rhymes of Heart (aka West Pender St.)

  3. Soulful Hearts (aka Gastown Water St.)

  4. Belongs to Me (aka Dunsmuir St.)

  5. Opulent Harmony (aka Alberni St.)

  6. In the Shadow of Sparrows (aka Granville St.)

  7. Alluring (aka Coal Harbour)

  8. Flirtatious (aka Robson St.)

  9. Cordial (aka Burrard St.)

  10. The Suite (aka the Vancouver Suite)


Breakfast at Thierry - Full Album 8 Tracks (2020):

  1. A Table for Two

  2. Amorous Display

  3. Glorious Aroma

  4. A Satiny Desire

  5. A Table for Two (Piano Edition)

  6. Amorous Display (Piano Edition)

  7. Glorious Aroma (Piano Edition)

  8. A Satiny Desire (Piano Edition)


Evocative – EP Album 5 Tracks (2020):

  1. A Pleasure Never Enough

  2. A Blank Canvas

  3. A New Leaf

  4. With or Without You

  5. Watch Me


Row to Hope – Full Album 9 Tracks (2020):

  1. Wisdom of Years

  2. To Whom It May Concern

  3. Seguir Adelante

  4. Last Teardrop

  5. May Happiness Pair with You

  6. It's Time

  7. Triumph

  8. The Wine of Youth

  9. You Made Me Whole Again


Wisdom of Years - Single Track (2020):

  1. Wisdom of Yeas: The Orchestral Edition


Frolic – EP Album 6 Tracks (2021): 

  1. A Good Day to Tango

  2. You Waltzed My Heart

  3. Saucy Moves (aka Salsa Lips)

  4. Ooh, La La

  5. Let's Rumba

  6. Flaming Roses


Moments to Treasure - EP Album 6 Tracks (2021):

  1. Serenity

  2. Tranquility

  3. Felicity

  4. Purity

  5. Infinity

  6. Eternity


Serenity – Single Track (2021):

  1. Serenity: The Orchestral Edition

Ethereal: A Symphonic Orchestra (2021):


  1. Ocean Without Shore (feat. Jordan Grigg)
  2. Take My Hand (feat. Hendro Triyo)
  3. Desire (feat. Jordan Grigg)
  4. Reflection (feat. Jordan Grigg)

Flamenco Single Tracks (2021/2002): 


  1. Aurora

  2. Brothers In Law: Flamenco 

  3. Bedroom Eyes: Flamenco 

  4. Comely: Flamenco

  5. Scent of Love

  6. Limerence 

  7. Sonder

Moondance - Full Album 8 Tracks (2022):


  1. Solasta
  2. Mangata
  3. Lunette
  4. Moonrise
  5. Moonwake
  6. Moonsail
  7. Moon Alike
  8. Moondance


  • Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), Canada

  • Certified in Public Financial Management, International Monitory Fund (IMF), USA

  • Certified in Teaching Higher Education, Derek Bok Center, Harvard University, USA

















































































Recently in Media:

Mosi’s Message Song, ‘To Whom It May Concern’ – highlighting The United Nations’ International Day of Social Justice and Equality was featured along with an article by the editorial team of The Los Angles Tribune. His other song, ‘Hopes in Chain’ in solidarity with ‘Black Lives Matter’, also was featured on The LA Tribunes front page, as well as Epistle News, London.























































































































































































































































































































































































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Mosi Dorbayani, Visiting Kyoto, Japan.jpg
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Mosi Dorbayani in early 1980s
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Mosi's Book Signing Event, Barnes & Noble, NY, USA
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Book Signing Event, Indigo, Vancouver, Canada

Book Signing Event, Barnes & Noble, NY, USA

Popular Culture: Mosi Appearing in Comic Books as  Gunshi

Marking the 45th Year of Martial Arts Practice

Mosi Dorbayani in early 1980s

Mosi Practicing Kenjutsu - the Samurai Art of 


Mosi Dorbayani, Visiting Kyoto, Japan

Mosi Dorbayani Signing Memorandum of Understanding, expanding Cultural Diplomacy

among participating nations - Grand Royal, Budapest, 2005

Mosi Dorbayani, Addressing Cultural Delegates from 10 Countries, in London, UK

Mosi Dorbayani - Executive Coaching / Consulting

Hopes in Chain: A Message Song in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

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Mosi received his qualifications at Master’s level in: Business Economics from Harvard University, USA; MBA from Aston University, UK; LL.M in International Law from University of Sunderland, UK; MSc in Psychology from University of Wolverhampton, UK, and earned his PhD from University of Salford in Manchester, UK.  


Mosi is the world’s first ever researcher, who earned a practice-based PhD by publication in the field of Cultural Diplomacy.

Postdoctoral Studies: Law (Law and Cultural Diplomacy), University of Lisbon, NOVA School of Law, Portugal. 

Awards and Honors:

- Hermes Platinum Award: ‘Cultural Diplomacy’, Best Book in Public Diplomacy (2020)


- Hermes Gold Award: ‘Message Song’, Best Book - Educational Content (2020)


- MarCom Platinum Award: Fitbit Marketing Studies (2020)


- Communitas Award: Ocean Pollution Awareness (2020)


- Global Media: ‘Cultural Diplomacy’, Best Book in Public Diplomacy (2019)


- Human Rights Hero Award: Conferred at the 7th Annual International Human Rights Summit in Geneva, the seat of European headquarters of the United Nations (2010)


- Medal of Excellence: Conferred by University of London, Examination and Assessment Council, Edexcel International, for Best Assessor and Examiner (2002)


- Three-time Mayor's Award for best Martial Arts Coach and Instructor – Bács-Kiskun County - Hungary (1997, 1998, 1999)


Lit Talent Awards, New York (2021):

- Platinum - Best Songwriter: Pop (In Depth of Your Eyes)

- Platinum - Best Songwriter: Social Impact Song (Hopes in Chain)

- Gold - Best Lyrics: Folk/Classical (Wisdom of Years) 

- Gold - Best Rhythm: Instrumental (In the Shadow of Sparrows)


Lit Talent Awards, New York (2022):

- Platinum - Best Songwriter: Pop (Duality)

- Gold - Best Songwriter: Classical/Crossover (Morning Dove)

- Gold - Best Instrumental Score: Flamenco (Aurora) 

Fairmont Post - Mosi Dorbayani First Ever PhD in Cultural Diplomacy.jpg

Fairmont Post, Toronto

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Mosi Dorbayani - The Michigan Post - Diplomacy.jpg
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