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Mosi Dorbayani


Writing songs is another dimension of Mosi's life. As an entrepreneur, executive coach & consultant, adjunct professor in leadership & management, author, UDHR ambassador and humanitarian, he uses the topics and themes around him, applies his emotions, experiences from life and work, as well as the general feelings he has at the moment to write musical literature.  


"Equally in this aspect of my life, I have been blessed and lucky to work with many true talents and vocal artists around the world who voiced my songs and I am thankful to all of them."  Mosi says.  


As a renowned cultural figure, author and international award winning songwriter, Mosi's songs are recorded and published by both signed and indie artists from over 30 countries, spanning 5 continents. Thus far he has over 90 original recorded and published songs, including a few for The United Nations' international days, honoring and celebrating global commemorations, and scored over 100 instrumental and symphonic orchestras in almost every genre.


As a librettist, he also contributed to a few short Operetta projects, including ‘Consort me’ and ‘I am the one’.  From Memphis to Paris, from Boston to Budapest, Mosi's songs are regularly played by most prominent radio stations around the world. Some of his visual songs are shown on Skyline and Transatlantic airlines and some including his recent classical 'Blue Jay & Red Cardinal' is featured by VEVO, VOA TV and ATV.


Collaboration with Mosi has its own perks too, many artists in his roster got nominated and won awards from major music awarding bodies. Just recently, several of his songs and their recording artists got nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Awards in various genre.


Mosi has published 15 books and is Amazon Best Selling Author. He is the Co-founder of WAALM Awards - UK and Canada and is represented by SOCAN / ASCAP and CMRRA.

 [for full bio click on HERE]


Here on this page, you can listen to a few of his recently published songs in various genres and learn more about the international voices and musicians with whom Mosi has collaborated.


Thank you for your interest and visit. 

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