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MD’s three-step contribution to your individual & organizational needs:


Driven by ideas and a strong desire to have a positive impact on management!



The essence of consulting is to help a client obtain information and advice, which lead to real and lasting solution of a problem. An Executive Consultant in management and leadership should be a thought leader who analyses, brainstorms, and challenges organizations to become good or even better by adopting new ideas. Great Executive consultants are able to step into ambiguous, sometimes hostile situations and sense what changes need to be made. They are driven by ideas and a strong desire to have a positive impact on management and leadership as their clients.

An Executive Consultant in management and leadership is the one who can truly provide CONSULTATION! That is:


Casts groundbreaking and innovative ideas;

Optimizes efficiency and productivity;

Navigates the best course of action;

Serves the interests of organization;

Unfolds the invisible problems as an outsider tactfully and truthfully;

Leg-ups mangers and leaders in their career;

Taps into existing knowledge, experience, and ideas;

Applies leadership skills; 

Theorizes complex issues, facts and events; 

Illustrates objectivity;

Orchestrates alternative plans for any possible surprises;

Nurtures the organizational vision.


In capacity of an Executive Consultant, MD with over two decades of experience as a Chief Executive working with many nationalities has enhanced top executives and world class leaders and provided them with practical advise and business models. As an Executive Adviser he has been found a successful consultant in Crisis Management, PR, Negotiation, and Diplomacy by both state and private sectors.







Top performing and goal-driven strategist offering over 20 years of experience in delivering and executing successful strategies, envisioning and realizing memorable services, consulting and coaching world-class organizations with top quality model and values all in the face of constantly changing environment.


Blending confident communication style with a demonstrated ease in earning trust while conversing across diverse audiences. Sincere and honest with a high level of personal and professional integrity.


“A Practical, Informative and Efficient Consultant”

“Our training was motivating and resourceful”


“Instructions were friendly, yet professional and motivating”

BNP Paribas

“A remarkable Coach, who could face complex and non-routine situations”

ThyssenKrupp, Nothelfer

“His unique methodology in delivering solutions for complex issues… has greatly inspired our company”


In your capacity as an executive manager or leader you may often ask these questions from yourself:


Which approach should I take?

How can I motivate my people?

Am I communicating our vision right through?

Should I be Directing? Coaching? Supporting? Or Delegating?

How can I go from where I am to where I want to be? And so forth.


Or you may even as part of your leadership’s integral job, felt you need to develop coaching techniques for yourself in order to help your staff

and assist them to be the stars and super stars in their roles.


In this regards, the benefits of working with an Executive Coach can be broad, extremely effective and full of impacts. Why hiring an Executive Coach?

In light of today's fast-changing world, there are a number of benefits and reasons for an executive manager or leader to hire an Executive Coach :


1. PERSPECTIVE - to gain new, outside perspectives: A qualified coach equipped with years of experience as an Executive can provide more reliable perspective insights, which could be found extremely valuable.

2. LEVERAGE - to increase executive manager or leader's ability to leverage time: An Executive Coach works to double (at a minimum) an executive manager or leader’s leverage and effectiveness. This is particularly important in a world of ever-increasing change and information overload.

3. IMAGE - to improve the way an executive manager or leader comes across: Character, communication skills, and listening ability are more vital today than ever before, simply because the public and company employees expect more polished, sophisticated and subtle executive managers or leaders. Moreover, it is vital to establish leadership-by-attraction vs. leadership-by-control.

4. BRAINSTORMING - to have fostering discussions of ideas.  Often, the next generation or evolution of a company is conceived during an open discussion of ideas. Most executive managers or leaders do not take enough time for this type of creativity, nor do they have the right "listening partner". An Executive Coach provides the environment in which an executive manager or leader's inklings, ideas, and concerns are respected and expanded.



For Coaching and Consulting sessions contact Orenda Enterprises Inc. Orenda(at) 


- Strategic Leadership;

- Management of Multicultural Organization;

- Personnel Development;

- Communication;

- Decision Making;

- Policies and Procedures;

- Recruitment;

- Business Administration Enhancement;

- Managing Change;

- PR, Media and Crisis Management;

- Organizational Culture;

- Organizational Psychology;

- Cultural Diplomacy...










I.M.M® is an organizational system and management development project through which the 'organizational Culture', 'Management' and 'Leadership' skills, as well as 'Human Resources’ professionalism develop.


This project is to turn the top management of an organization into a team of skillful managers with the best possible leadership qualities. And as the name of the project “I.M.M”® corresponds, by the end of the project an organization shall expect to have developed a team of managers metaphorically as strong as Iron. The target of the project is to build first-line staff, who are able to “LEAD FROM FRONT AND MANAGE FROM BEHIND”. 


The I.M.M is created, designed, implemented and supervised by MD


This project earned the Thyssen Krupp (A client company of MD) in Hungary with an award of excellence from the American Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Budapest

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