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Primary Activities:

  • Executive Consulting and Advisory;

  • Organizational Research and Think-tank services;

  • Management, Leadership, Human Resources, Business Organization Seminars & Conferences;

  • Publication and Distribution of Professional Materials such as Books, E-books, Journals, and Audio/Visuals;


Secondary Activities:

  • Advertising, Marketing and Media Consulting Services;

  • Fashion Shows, Arts and Events.


Orenda Enterprises is incorporated as Inc. Reg. # in Canada: BC1080648

The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM, is an awarding body which supports, develops, and promotes  dramatic and fine arts, music, creative writing and poetry, as well as professional journalism and media productions. WAALM regularly identifies and rewards excellence, facilitate artistic productions, inspires practitioners, and benefits the public, by means of international awarding events.


As a Non-profit, independent and secular organization, WAALM stands for Cultural Diplomacy, it promotes Cross-cultural activities, conferences and Humanitarian efforts.

WAALM is a Non-for-Profit Organization (Limited By Guarantee) Reg. # in England & Wales: 06696148  - It also contributes as Nonprofit organization for Arts in Canada

School of Cultural Diplomacy - SCD is a division of The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM
(a non-for-profit organization), which offers distance learning further and continuing education online for adults.


It  consists of five departments:
  - Traditions and Cultural History;
  - Cultural Diplomacy and Communications;
  - Arts and Literature in Humanities;
  - Public Relations and Media;
  - Human Rights Education.
Each department is led by a team of highly acclaimed WAALM award winning Scholars and a selected Adjunct Professors from the most renowned universities and institutions around the world.


SCD is a division of WAALM, a Non-for-Profit Organization (Limited By Guarantee) Reg. No in England & Wales: 06696148

Kojido Sogo Bujutsu Heiho (Kai) - is a Traditional Comprehensive Martial Arts Organization. Kojido is not a competitive martial sport and its members do not participate in any tournaments. Kojido focuses on the actual Martial Skill / Art (Bujutsu).


Kojido instructions cover both 'Unarmed' and 'Armed' training and they consists of:

- Technical / strategically training;
- Mental training
- Physical conditioning;
- Academic / Scientific Education & Research.


Kojido has a number of representatives, training halls and study groups in Europe and Asia-Mid East. 

Rooted back in the 15th century Japan, this organization was established in 1997 and Kojido was publicly introduced in 2004. 


Kojido Sogo Bujutus is a  nonprofit organization in Hungary, European Union & Canada

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